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Bringing Back "The Study"

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

Reworking Living Space in 2020: Covid-19 has taught all of us that we need to rethink the way we live our lives. Lifestyles have changed, and as we adjust to the new normal, one of the those changes on the uptick, is we have found ourselves reviewing the functions of our living space.

This is bringing back an area of living space that was common in homes previous to the 1980s called The Study. This was a dedicated room in the house, with a wall of books and a desk. The room was classic, and quite a few years ago, so that wall of books usually had a shelf dedicated to a set of Encyclopedias. Not sure school age children even know what those are in 2020, but certainly this is not a requirement for the modern Study Room.

In addition, the Study Room did not have a TV, imagine that! But do not fear - modern Studies will have laptops, phones and certainly noise cancelling headphones for all.

Furniture sales of items such as desks, tables and chairs have been increasing since April.

Realtors have noticed potential Homebuyers are adding this to the list of features they are looking for when purchasing a new home. A private Study area that is used as a quiet space for adults working home and school work, are now high on the Homebuilders priority list as well. Remodelers are busy reworking spare bedrooms, sunrooms and garage lofts into the new Study before school begins. Hey guys, keep an eye on that man cave. You may soon see that room turn into the new Study for your family.

David Brodeur is a Realtor/Broker in Dartmouth, Massachusetts. He serves as a South Shore Realtors Director and is a Member of National Association of Realtors.

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