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Keeping Your House Clean with Dogs While It’s on the Market

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Here's how to de-dog your house before putting it on the market — and how to keep it that way while you sell.

1. Steam Clean Everything Fabric

“Job number one is to take care of [the soft surfaces in your house],” says Melissa Maker, star of an eponymous YouTube channel and owner of a Toronto cleaning service. “They hold odors and hair like nothing else."

2. Groom Your Pet

Get your pet groomed by a pro before you list your house. You can do it yourself, but a pro can get more hair and dander off than you can.

3. Clean Tile-Floor Grout

Tile resists dog stains, but grout is porous and sucks them up like a sponge. "I had a cat who had an accident on a tile floor, and the pee seeped into the grout," Melissa Maker says. Steam clean grout to lift old smells and stains.

4. Get an Air Purifier Tower

To you, it smells like home. But your HVAC has been circulating the same hair and dander again and again, especially in hot and cold weather when the windows are closed.

5. Use Enzymatic Cleaners

Enzymatic cleaners are made of beneficial bacteria that eat stains and odors.

6. Get Rid of Scratch Marks

Pet toenails leave telltale marks on doors and walls. For walls and doors made of synthetic materials, you'll just need to paint over the marks. For a wooden door, use wood-filler pen can fill in the scratches. For hardwood floors, rub out small scratches with steel wool or fine sandpaper followed by mineral spirits, wood filler, and polyurethane. For major damage, refinishing the hardwood is a good investment with a stellar 100% ROI.

7. Absorb Odors With Charcoal Charcoal pulls moisture and odors out of the air. You can get inconspicuous little bags of it to hang in places your pets love most.

8. Spot Clean Furniture

Cover your freshly -cleaned furniture with throws or pet covers, and wash them at least once a week. Vacuum rugs and carpets every day. Pet smells sink in fast.

9. Get a Sniff Test

Ask your agent to walk through and give you an honest opinion.

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