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What documents do I need before I list my home?

Sales Fall, Homebuyers Resort to Desperate Measures CREDIT : Excerpt from Rocket You should take time before you list your home on the market to make sure that you have all the documents that you need in order. Here are some of the most important documents you may need before listing your home:

  • Original Sales Contract and Appraisal — Before you list your property, find the sales contract and appraisal documents from when you purchased the home. This is a starting point in determining the value of your property and the opening list price.

  • Home Sale Worksheet — A Home Sale Worksheet can help you get organized and track all the information you need as you prepare to sell your home.

  • Maintenance Records — You may want to locate any maintenance records that you have for your home in the event that an interested buyer wants more information about the work that was performed on the property.

  • Manuals and Warranties — Do you have manuals or warranty documents to provide a prospective buyer with additional information about equipment and appliances that will be part of the sale?

  • Homeowners Association — You may want to locate documents that are available from your neighborhood association, as many buyers want to know the regulations they will need to follow when they move to the subdivision. Thank You Credit to Rocket

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